As we’re already aware, Android Nougat has rolled out with a range of features. Nougat is completely user friendly with number of features to make the user experience as seamless as possible. You will learn here about how to use new split screen multi-window mode in Android Nougat. Latest update to Nougat has included impressive features like advanced notification panel, easy data optimisation and battery saver mechanisms.

One of the biggest achievement by Nougat developers, which has made millions of its fans all over the world is its friendly Task Management Options. Thanks to the latest update, now you can use two apps simultaneously in new split screen mode in Android Nougat 7.0.

Tricks To Use New Split Screen Multi-Window Mode In Android Nougat


All apps are not equal and you will find that not all apps works under split screen mode. Don’t worry, it’s not any of your fault but the developers fault which can be polished by the another update. For the moment, there’s way around this issue. You can run any of your android application in the split screen mode by the developer option provided by the latest version of Google Operating System. You need to turn developer mode on from your settings.

Run All Apps In The New Split Screen Mode On Android Nougat

Android Nougat offers a number of really handy features, but none so handy as split screen mode feature. With this split screen ability you can work with two apps simultaneously, so multitasking is now not only possible, but easy.

#Method 1

To run any of your android app in a developer mode first you need to activate the developer options on your device. For this follow the path- Goto Settings>Developer Options> About this device. Once there, click on version number till the popup appears saying you are now a developer.


Go to developer option in the setting menu. /@ TrickyStuffs

Return To the settings menu and click on Developer Options. Then scroll down on the last option i.e Force activities to be resizable, in the developer option menu and press enable button. Once you have done this you need to restart your device to activate device as a developer mode. Once you have completed the procedure you will see that, even those apps that are not compatible with the Nougat update will be able to run in the split screen mode.

Finally, to activate the split screen mode– Open two apps of your choice and then click and hold on your task manager button. Now you will see that, both apps open in a split screen mode helping you to run both the apps simultaneously at a time.

split screen mode
Here's one we prepared for your convenience. /@ TrickyStuffs

In the above picture two tasks are working at a time namely storage is seen in the down side and game is working above it. With this method you can easily use new split screen multi-window mode in android nougat.


#Method 2

In case the above method doesn’t work or is having any problems with the options you can simply gratify this trick as mentioned under.

With any of the Android app being open, long press the Intent button (also called the “Recent Apps” button) and then scroll through until you find the app you want to use. All you have to do is to tap & hold the app you want to add to the screen and release by intent button, you’re good to go. Now you can see both the apps chosen by you will be displayed on the screen working simultaneously.

When you are done with the second app, long press the divider bar and slide it downward until it disappears. This is the best way to use new split screen multi-window mode in android nougat.

Final Thought:

Android can now handle multitasking reliably, so you can work efficiently with it. Android Nougat new updates are in processing and will be available soon with more advanced features.

What do you think, the split screen mode will be helpful for your own multi-tasking approach? Or will you be sticking to the more traditional single task approach for the time being? Comment below with your helpful thoughts and ideas for us to consider it and work on it.

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