Hello, Working with SEO thoroughly and ranking on Google search engine has now become easy with the help of trending keyword research tools with free download available here. With the help of these tools you can easily work with trending keywords with your keyword research and research on trending keywords are the core to rank your page up. Perfect keyword analysis is required to be done and it’s now easily possible with trending keyword tools available for free download on different platforms which I would reveal here for your benefit.

After creating a website you continuously work on it by writing posts, adding images, impressive quotes, various topics related to your niche, but you find that you are not ranking well in Google after your hard! Which is a common concern it, lack is not on your website, but the content and the keyword used are either highly competitive or you are not writing on the trending keywords in your post which is very necessary and trending keyword research tools are very very important for a blogger. Keyword research cannot be done by typing every keyword on Google and searching its competition by the search results, it has been easier now with the trending keyword research tools, free to download here, which is to be discussed below by me and here I go with various tools for you easily downloadable as plugins in WordPress:

trending keyword research

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Trending Keyword Research Tools: Free Tools

Do you want to flood your site with unique searches and organic traffic?

These tools will definitely help you as they are SEO friendly, helping you to rank up easily with organic traffic. Within few days you will see amazing results that’s my personal experience. Here we go into detail with the tools…

#1. SERPs Keyword Research Tool:

This tool is not much popular, but is one of the best keyword analysis tools for 2017 analytics as after typing your keyword just you have to click search and you’ll see the number of search results.


  • This tool shows detailed information about an individual keyword including Keyword volume, keyword CPC and the present value of that keyword.
  • Totally Free
  • SEO friendly

SERPc research tool

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://serps.com/tools/keyword-research/” ]

#2. LSI Keyword Research Tool:

Start generating Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keywords for your SEO needs with free LSI Keyword Generator tool available here. These tools are not so popular at a high level as SEMRush, Jaaxy, Spy FU, etc., but are never laid in their capacity with their results and performance it will be provided when you will try it. It is one of the best trending research tools I have used till now.


  • No SignUp required
  • Just type your word and click generate resulting keywords will start showing easily
  • SEO friendly keywords will be generated
  • Totally Free

LSI keyword generator

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”http://lsigraph.com/” text=”TRY LSI TOOL HERE” ]

#3. Keywordtool.io

To get tons of long tail keywords for your seed keywords we can use Keyword tool. And friend’s this is the fact that long tail keywords ranks faster that short keywords in SEO, you can make profit from this profitable key fact. Adding alphabets to the beginning and end of your seed keywords gives a natural keyword resource that can be used in your blog post which is termed as long tail keyword in simple language.


  • Displays huge number of related keywords
  • Keywords can be used as LSI keywords in your blog post

LSI Keyword or Latent Semantic Index based Keywords are the word phrases that are related to your primary keyword.

  • Totally Free and can be premium depending on you for more features
  • Highly SEO friendly

keyword.io tool

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”http://keywordtool.io/” text=”Try Keywordtool.io” ]

#4. Google Keyword Planner Tool:

Google keyword planner(GKP) helps in driving traffic to your site in a very less interval of time.  GKP is a part of the Google Adwords only, but it is the most popular and free keyword research tool out there providing facility for all newbie bloggers or a professional one for the use of keyword analysis. Easy step  to just enter your seed keyword and customize your filters for the resulting keywords and you will be provided with a bunch of results. Gmail account login is required.


  • Gives largest range of related keywords
  • Friendly Google knowledge tool
  • You can plug in live URLs to filter out the keywords that page is ranking for or trying to rank for

google keyword planner

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner” text=”Try Keyword Planner” ]

#5. Keyword Eye Tool:

Keyword Eye lets you  filter your researched keywords based on different language, country just like in any other premium tools. But, it can also be set to calculate or research about the specific keyword and its potential too.


  • Not only saves your time but also can help you cherry pick the best keywords for SEO
  • Returns data in a visual graph
  • You can further research each keyword for their synonyms, auto suggests checking for user search strings without leaving the site

Keyword Eye Tool

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”http://www.keywordeye.com/” text=”Try Keyword Eye Tool” ]

#6. UberSuggest Tool:

UberSuggest is a basic keyword research tool that gives you enough keywords by simply appending letters to the end. This helps you to get access to so many long tail keywords that can be used in your upcoming niche sites or even in the main blog. This is the tool personally used by me and friends I am enjoying using it as it’s the best trending research tools for long tail keyword.


  • Helps in finding competitiveness of a keyword for free
  • Gives a huge number of keywords that can be further researched by clicking on the “plus” sign near the keywords
  • Below resulting keywords it gives details for its google trend at the present time
  • Gives the facility to expand the keyword in the result zone

UberSuggest tool

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://ubersuggest.io/” text=”Try UberSuggest Tool” ]

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Trending Keyword Research Tools: Premium Tools

These are the popular tools which can be purchased by the developer for your keyword research purpose. I will be discussing it in brief and you can prefer it if you are interested. All details about the tool will be provided in the Try box below the referred tool.

#1. SEMRush Tool:

SEMRush is one of the  secret weapon that you need to beat your competition with keyword research. While most keyword research tools give you result for relevant keywords based on your seed keyword, SEMRush goes a step forward by helping access over what keywords your competitor site ranks for helping in to get ahead of your competitor.


  • Trial available for 30 days
  • Complete suite of keyword research tools in the SEO market
  • Allows hunt for your competitors keywords and their competitors keywords too

SemRush Tool

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://www.semrush.com/?utm_expid=109320546-82.tsW_-DoOTr2Sw3PFfvA1CA.0&utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.co.in%2F” text=”Try SEMRush Trial” ]

SEMRush Premium Plans: SEMRush Plans

#2. Long Tail Pro Tool:

Here comes the most popular and powerful trending keyword research tools free download for you, Long tail Keyword is a premium tool for all the good reasons. Many SEOs believe that LTP helps us find keywords that could never be discoverable with the Google keyword planner. One of the perfect in trending research tools I used.


  • Helps to find long tail keywords containing a definite number of words
  • Customizable search options include giving a definite range of searches per month with the country to target
  • LTP helps you to find up to 800 keywords per seed keyword entered by you
  • The best keyword research tool for ranking purpose

Long Tail Pro

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”http://longtailpro.com/” text=”Try Longtail Pro” ]

Long Tail Pro Premium Plans: Long Tail Pro Plans

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