If you are here, then I must say you have managed to get your Jio and that’s a great. I hope you must be enjoying the free services of the Reliance Jio 4G network. From my previous post on how to fix Jio 4G voice calling problem! I got reviews on trending Jio offline Problems and I will help here today at my best. In various comments someone has asked about how to set a caller tune on Jio for free? Answering to which this post is dedicated, no more stumbling all around for this bug now. Reliance Jio 4G voice hack has made benefits to users and that’s great enough. Here is Jio free caller tune trick for six months, which you may like, Here we go…

Reliance Jio Free Caller Tune Trick

Caller Tune Trick

How To Activate Caller Tune In Jio 4G For Free?

Jio is free calling 4G network with all its free amazing features, making life smoother at a level. But the problem is like a loophole in Jio 4G free voice calling network. Getting to the solutions of your problems to fix Reliance Jio 4G voice calling problem and Jio Offline problems I have made a direct solution link in the button below.

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Features Of Reliance Jio 4G Free Network

  • Jio Music
  • Jio Movies
  • Jio Live Tv
  • Jio Money
  • Jio Security
  • Jio Cinema 
  • Jio Drive
  • Jio Free Calling
  • Jio Free Texting
  • Jio Free Surfing
  • Jio Free Downloading

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Trick To Activate Caller Tune In Jio Free Service

Below are stepwise free caller tune activation trick for Reliance Jio 4G network, guide for Reliance Jio Free Caller Tune Trick are here below, follow the steps carefully

  • Open your default messaging app
  • Create a new message as JT and send to 56789
  • Jio will send a confirmation message Reply Y to confirm
  • Jio caller tune will be activated for 30 days for free

Trick To Make Any Song As Your Jio Caller Tune For Free

Follow the exact methods below to activate any song as your Jio free caller tune

  • Type MOVIE <movie Name> send it to 56789
  • Type ALBUM <album Name> send it to 56789
  • Type SINGER <singer Name> send it to 56789

Here are the steps as an example:

If you are searching for a song named “Tu Mera Khuda” from movie Ae Dil Hai Mushkil below steps are to be followed-

  • Send MOVIE <Ae Dil Hai Mushkil> to 56789

jio free caller tune trick

  • Now Send your song number, it’s 2 in this case and reply with 1 to confirm

Activate Callertune

  • Soon a popup appears asking for confirmation, send Y back to confirm

Jio caller Tune Trick

  • Your Jio caller tune is activated now

Note: If your Jio caller tune is not activated after these steps, deactivate and then activate again it will start working. Happens because of network problems or busy server status.

Steps To Deactivate Caller Tune

In case activation of caller tune not working, you need to first deactivate Jio free caller tune and reactivate it and also if you want to revert on your normal tone you have to follow these steps given below:

  1. Open your default messaging app
  2. Type STOP and send it to 56789 to deactivate your present caller tune
  3. Reply with Y to confirm your request
  4. Your caller tune service will be deactivated shortly

 Jio Caller Tune Trick For Six Months Activation For Free

Jio caller tune activated by above process will be valid for 30 days only to increase duration time for six months you need to follow Jio free caller tune trick from here steps below:

  • First activate your choice as a Jio caller tune from above process
  • After activation wait for 24hrs
  • After 24hrs send 6Y to 56789
  • Confirm by sending Y
  • And Jio caller tune is activated for the duration of six months now. Enjoy..

Note: All the services by Reliance Jio is totally free, No charges will be applied

Copy Jio Caller Tune From Friend’s Number

In case you like a friend’s caller tune and you want it as your’s Jio caller tune, simply copy any Jio free caller tune and press *  while listening to the friend’s caller tune and then send “Y” to the message to confirm your Jio caller tune.

If you’re still waiting to get a Jio SIM then generate a Jio Welcome offer code and get your Jio SIM today to enjoy Jio free welcome offer till March 2017. Jio free caller tune trick would be beneficial for you.

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