As we all know, to start with ‘Blogging’ we all need a perfect website domain name which would play a very helpful role later on to get success. In this post I will drive you through up’s and down’s for a perfect or an imperfect selection of a domain name. I will go through topics such as how to choose a unique domain, how to get traffic through domain, what a perfect domain needs. Today I will start from the beginning and cover everything related to domain name with its advantages and disadvantages.

Which domain to choose

Why To Choose Blogging As A Profession?

Many of us, after a long term hard work when subjected to a failure- we completely lose all our hope to be succeeded in life. This post is just to give shape to their thought by a term called “blogging”. Not less than 30% of the total population in the world have any other source of income other than blogging. Their livelihood is moving smoothly in a very prestigious manner as compared to an office working businessman. Source of income depends upon the hard work you’re doing. Blogging can be done by anyone and anywhere, and you are paid by google for your hard work.

This happens in a process based on providing information data to the google in turn getting paid for it. Google wants to provide a solution to any query asked with it, for which google needs a lot of information from worldwide. Giving information will let users to spend a lot of time on google receiving their trust for which you are helping him by providing your personal experience which let you pay for it.

 Tips For A Perfect Website Domain Name

Advantages of a perfect Website Domain Name-

For a perfect Website, Domain Name is the keyword for success. Depending on your niche (Gaming. Relationship, Technology, etc.) your website domain is your first keyword for any post written in your blog. Below are various key for why to select the perfect domain name-

  • Ranking factor depends on the domain name and related niche
  • Keyword in your domain rank you for the related post
  • Easy domain name is keyword in itself and also the factor to rank high
  • Traffic to your blog is also based on your domain name somehow
  • The attractive domain name can be bookmarked in browsers increasing traffic at a large extent

Disadvantages of an imperfect Domain Name for a Website

Choosing an imperfect domain name have various disadvantages also. Domain name should never be related to gambling, pornography, hacks, etc. Because google restrict it for Adsense approval. Various drawbacks include-

  • Unrelated domain to your niche can make you lose your ranking factor
  • Non-Readable domain name makes you lose your visitors
  • The Irrelevant domain name will make you lose trust of your visitors
  • Long Domain Name is difficult to remember which make you lose your traffic and ranking
  • A Non-Brandable domain name takes long duration to rank for.

 7 Tips For Selecting A Perfect Website Domain Name

Choosing  a perfect website domain name is useful as you can’t afford any mistake as a beginner. Below are the key points necessary for choosing a reasonable domain name. To drive traffic and to rank high you need to have an attractive and unique domain which is possible through the below points. Select the domain considering these points..

Perfect website domain name

1. Use .com Domain

Various platforms such as. com,. net, .in, .org, etc., are available, but to drive traffic and to rank high for your keywords .com domain is perfect. The .com domain is a keyword in itself and memorable too.

Example:,, etc.

Choosing .com domain will drive traffic from all over the world whereas choosing .in will mostly drive traffic from India only, if you want to target Indian traffic you are free to use .in platform for your domain. One of the beneficial point for .com domain is its popularity which results in getting through it also by mistake after any site name.

2. Use Short Domain

Using short domain name is one of the best tricks to get ranked. Focussing on ranking is beneficial as it will make you earn a lot of the daily visitors. Short domain is easy to learn and your keywords will make users, don’t forget your domain name. 

Example: tricky, balloon, gamer, apple, orange, technology, subway, etc.

Keeping domain name within 10 words has benefited as the domain length also played an important role in SEO. Above are the short names which can be a perfect website domain name.

3. Use Keyword In Domain Name

Before choosing a domain name you need to have a complete idea of niche to which you have to focus. Using a keyword in your domain name justify your niche to the google bots, which is also one of the ranking factors.

ExampleIf you are prepared for tricky things or unique stuffs you need to have a domain name like trickystuffs, which simply justifies by its name that tricky things or stuffs are to be found here on the basis of which it is categorized in Google search result.

4. Bias Towards Unique & Brandable Domain Name

Choosing  a unique niche with a unique domain will not take much time to rank you high on Google. Also a brandable domain helps to grow your traffic. Let’s make it all clear with an example.

Example: Unique niche comes from your unique thought like “Mentalism“, it’s a niche which has a future trend with a uniqueness in itself covering topics such as Psychology, Mentalism, etc. Domain name on these niches can be,,, etc.

A Brandable domain name is memorable, catchy and unique in it. It can be understood by “” in place of “”, as Flipkart is much brandable than buystuffsonline.

5. Avoid Keyword Stuffing In Domain Name

Using multiple words with the same meaning in a domain name is a bad idea. Do not do keyword stuffing in your domain name as it could be a case of disapproval for your Google Adsense account.

Example:, this domain name has been disapproved by the Google for Adsense account.

Keyword stuffing in the domain or in the post is non-useful activity to go with, resulting various drawbacks.

6. Modify If Your Domain Is Not Available

Much of the time it happens, your idea or domain has been already taken by someone and you ‘re unable to get your exact domain name. Do not harass with that try to modify your domain name with related words.

Example: If you want a domain name of the game like ““, surely it will not be available to you instead try for ““, it will be available if not, then modify more like ““, there are various keywords for the same words just you need to have a creative mind.

7. Easy Pronounceable Domain Name

At the end domain name need to be attractive and easy to remember, which can be done choosing a short perfect website domain name. Easy pronounced domain name can be a profitable point to drive traffic as it will be easy to remember and sharable to visitor’s.

Example:,,,,, etc. These are easy to remember. Try choosing domain related to food or gaming stuffs.

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Where To Get Free Domain Name With Web Hosting?

Millions of domain names are waiting to be registered. Hurry up, don’t miss the domain it can be your future identity. Various platforms to buy these free domains or domain with cheap price are available at the provided address below-

  • GoDaddy is the largest domain registrar in the world, providing with various hosting platforms too.
  • Bigrock is the second largest domain registrar with millions of available domains.
  • NameCheap in one of the popular domain registrars with the domain security availability

Final Thoughts

If you are starting with a blog on Blogger or WordPress, you need to have a custom domain which are available easily on the above domain registrar. Complete guide on WordPress should be read thoroughly before you start.

Domain Name is the foremost step for starting a successful blog. All the keys to select a perfect Website domain are listed above. Comment Section is all yours for any of your queries.

Stay tuned for related updates…