Google Search Engine is the topmost platform for every search, here we get what we want what we like and even what we don’t like too is also here. Satisfying everyone with results is job of Google. Everyone uses Google for random queries, but it’s way more powerful than a traditional search engine. Check out here New Year Google Tricks which will make you  Love Google for its powerful satisfying work. This new year I will be making you aware with my google tricks about what can google easily do for better future use. These are the tricks few of you must be aware about, but many of you will find it new and slightly interesting so here we begin.

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1. If you type in Google ” zerg rush “,  you will have to protect your search result to be eaten by Google’s o’s. 


2. If you type in Google Images ” Atari Breakout “, you can play Legendary Block Breaker with search results.


3. If you type in Google ” do a barrel roll “, Google will do roll for you.


4. If you type in Google ” google gravity ” and click at side option of ” I am feeling lucky “, it will make Google gravity mode on.


5. If you type in Google ” vs ” between two foods, it will let you know all useful differences required.


6. Origin behind any word can be known by adding ” etymology ” onto the end of your word.


7. Running Status of airline can be tracked just by typing ” flight name/flight number” in the search box


8. Complete information of Stocks will be provided just by typing in Google ” stocks: ” followed by stock name.


9. Searching for pdf or ppt on Specific topic? Just type topic and add ” :ppt or :pdf ” at the end.


10. For exact Search of your sentence put your sentence in quotation mark like ” sentence ” in Google search box.


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11. Set timer on Google just by typing ” set timer for ” followed by time in Google search box.


12. You can easily search for particular site linking to which other sites by just typing in Google ” link: ” and then target website name.


13. Searching in Google about name of holiday will tell you the exact date.



14. Don’t remember song name you heard? Just add ” * ” between your search result rest Google will try to find your search.


15. If you type in Google ” translate (language A) to (language B)”, Translator opens. 


16. Want to know sunrise or sunset time just type ” sunrise nyc ” or ” sunset nyc ” in Google search box.


17. On any search in Google, click ” search tool ” for better preferences and tools related to your search topic.


18. Search within any particular site by just typing in Google ” site: ” followed by the URL of the site and search term.


19. By just adding ” or ” between any two search term Google searches for both on a single page.


20. Leading entertaining factor GIFs can be easily available just by typing your search term in Google and clicking search tool and changing Type to ‘Animated’.

These are some trick you must be aware about and its interesting by my thought more tricks related to Google are available here..Enjoy these New Year Google Tricks and if you find it interesting do follow and share our page.

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