If you are reading this article most probably you have deleted something which meant you lot on your computer that you want to recover. Here we will provide some data recovery steps for accidental deletery which will help you further. Hopefully  files got deleted in a short duration of time as with increase in time duration disk space is filled with more data replacing the previous one resulting difficulty to recover it.

Few steps are here you must checkout first before we get into different ways of recovering deleted files =>
1. RECYCLE BIN must be checked if deleted files are there you can easily restore it.
2. All other programs must be closed including programs running in the taskbar
3. Do not create new files , move data , copy data or anything else
For this article we are going to focus on different software which can easily make you way easy for recovering your deleted files. if free and paid software can’t get your data back then you have to use more specialised form of recovery companies that can charge anywhere from $500 to $1500 to recover data directly from hard disk platters. But here we will only focus on softwares which i have already tested and are surely working here are they :


 Recuva is one of the best choice for data recovery and i personally had good results with this program . Free version don’t need payment and has good results too.
Lets see how to use the program
once you installed it and run it , the wizard interface will start up.
Using wizard click Next and you will be asked types of files you trying to recover
Knowing exactly what you are trying to recover you can easily choose you file type otherwise just click on All Files. Next you will be asked for the location where you want to search for deleted items.
if you know the exact loacation you can choose specific location and then click next . If nothing is found in the specific folder you searched then search for entire drive definately you will get that. So you should olways choose I’m not sure and let it search the entire drive also if the other location were unsuccessful
Finally you will be provided with an option for performing Deep Scan or not. This will take longer but with better recovery chances. Go ahead and click Search and Recuva will start scanning your hard drive
Location including file type can be changed according to your preferences.
Now click the top checkbox to select all the files and then click Recover as shown above. You will get the files recovered at you specified location . Easy and profitable


The next tool, MiniTool  Power Data Recovery, is actually better than recuva in terms of data recovery and by its features too, but free version will let you to recover upto only 1GB of data. After that you have to purchase license, which is $69. It all depends on data you want to recover
Once installation is performed by the above link provided, you need to choose type of recovery you want to perform. For deleted files, you would choose Undelete Recovery. As you can see you can also use the program to recover from digital media , CD and DVD’s , etc
Choose the drive you want to recover data from and then click on Recover button.
Scanning process is fast and you will get through a tree like view of the different files and folders that were recovered. You want to navigate to the folder where your files has been saved and see if path exists
Then select files via the checkboxes and click Save files. Again save the files on different disk so that you don’t risk overwriting the deleted data while it’s being recovered