Good news, Android Nougat is now rolling out to the One Plus 3 apart from Nexus or Google Pixel device. Sad part is that Nougat is available only for a few of the devices, but is likely to be available for more devices within a week. Reason behind this due- is the software development by various manufactures and carriers as they have to rework on it. No doubt, Android Nougat is the sweet release of Android OS by Google this year. With the user experience various Android Nougat Problems are coming and this post is to give a complete solution.

Release of August 2016– Android Nougat is in a working state for Nexus or Google Pixel device. Android Nougat 7.1 update arrived within four months of the launching date. However, Pixel and Nexus users are facing some common problems such as fast battery drain, unstable app issue, Bluetooth and Wifi issue, display issue, etc. Solutions to all these problems are being discussed below. Hope you will get solutions to all your queries if not, do comment in the comment section. Here we proceed with android nougat problems and their solutions.

=Android Nougat Problems And Solutions: Android 7.0 / Android 7.1=


#Problem 1: Android 7.0 Nougat Performance Issues Arising

With the latest OS, developers are trying to increase the performance of the device with a new user friendly interface. But, if you notice your device is lagging then in that case you should try the tips or solution provided below. Samsung Galaxy C9 has more than thousands complain from Nougat performance issue.


  • A new feature with the Android Nougat is Ram Manager Tool which helps user to check what slows down the performance of the device. Location- Settings>Memory>Performance
  • Also go for wiping cache from the app named cache cleaner for Android 
  • Clean up junk files or you can simply factory reset to increase performance
  • To keep an eye on the device CPU activity, The Trepn Profiler app can be used



#Problem 2: Bluetooth & Wifi Issues Arising

With the reviewers it is seen that issues related to Wifi and Bluetooth are a common subject for Android 7.0 Nougat users. Android Nougat problems are arising mainly with these two core problems. The problems are mostly faced by the Reliance Jio 4G users. Some of the Pixel and Nexus device users are frustrated with these problems, so here are the solutions below.

Check with the other device if the WIfi and Bluetooth are having the same issue or not. If Not, then the lag is with OS of your device.


  • First see if restarting the android device could fix the issue or not.
  • Disable the Bluetooth and Wifi connection and then, enable them to see if the issue is fixed or not
  • If the above two steps couldn’t be able to fix the issue, then try to forget the network and reconnect again. Location Settings>more>network settings reset>reset and see if the issue is fixed now or not
  • If all of the above does not work for your problem try factory reset. Location Settings>backup & reset>factory data reset, this will clear all data and settings to default- Ensure to create a backup earlier.
  • Deleted data can be recovered by the data recovery software for accidental deletery.


#Problem 3: Installation Issue for Android Nougat 7.0 Arising

First, I would like to inform you that Android 7.0 Nougat  is available for selected devices only till now. This problem arises with the Nexus device users generally. Trying for air update and installation problem is arousing then follow the solutions below.


  • First try restarting the device for the fixture of installation as sometimes it’s found to be more helpful rather than any other settings for the smooth installation
  • Try installing Android 7.0 Nougat after draining up of your battery and charging it with 100% as sometimes a lag of battery is the cause of the interruption for installation
  • If the above process doesn’t work, try wiping up the cache of your device. Wiping of the cache could be done in the following ways as below-
  1. Press down the power and volume button altogether until the logo appears on the screen
  2. As soon as the large arrow appears on the screen, start pressing volume button repeatedly till recovery is noticed in that arrow
  3. Next press the power button, as Android  red triangle appears with an exclamation mark
  4. Holding the power button press volume up button once. Now release all buttons
  5. List of items appears on the screen, select the cache wiping target and wipe it by clicking power button
  6. Wait for the process to be completed & restart your device after the process


#Problem 4: Stuck With Random Reboots Issue

One of the Android Nougat Problems include the random reboots issue. Random Reboots is the major problem arising with Nexus users. Opening app such as Champcash, JTV appZingoy app, etc. Are the target complaints about random reboots issues is submitted in a vast quantity. Nexus users claimed that their device reboots irresonably not in the standard mode, but also in recovery mode too. Below are solutions to the reboot issue.


    • First try a temporary fixture process by switching off the device. After the switch off, pull out the battery and wait for a minute.
    • Now put the battery in and start the device to see if the problem is fixed or not
    • Apart from the above trick, no other solution has been noticed yet, you can go to the nearby store with the problem for further details


#Problem 5: Crashing Up Of Apps Issue Arising

Android Nougat Problems also include crashing up of apps. Mostly the problems arise while playing games such as mini militia, clash of clans, league of angels, etc. Stuck with the problem of crashing up of apps is one of the major problems not with the Android 7.0 Nougat but also with various other OS which can be resolved by the solutions below.


  • First uninstall and install the issue facing app
  • For normal operating condition try clear app cache and restart the device
  • If above option doesn’t work for the issue try factory reset by backing up the important files and folders.

Hope, you will find it useful as I had tried to cover all trending Android Nougat Problems faced by the users. All the common Android 7.0 Nougat problems and their solutions are here. If, any other query arises do remember comment section is all yours. Try the above solutions or you can go for replacement of the device if in warranty period.

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