With the increase in popularity of the Jio 4G network by Reliance all other companies are trying to attract customers by providing various schemes and plans as an offers benefits us. So why not to take an interest in offer’s as they are for us only, companies just for attraction of customers towards their network are providing such exclusive offers either for free or for fewest amount that can be easily playable. The Airtel Payment Bank is newly and first bank launch by Airtel. So by being the part of this loot Airtel 4G offers 2017 not only includes free 4G data but also relevant 4G SIM also. This is not the end now on, any deposit in your any bank account Airtel is providing few cashback also. Airtel 4G latest plans and chart is also revealed with lots of benefits.

Airtel 4G offers 2017: Airtel Payment Bank

airtel payment bank

According to the latest news it, he’s a great step taken by Airtel in the banking history ever, which announces free talk time on every deposit, means if you are depositing 1lakh rupees you will be getting 1lakh as a talk time in Airtel. Recently launched Airtel Payment Bank is providing this amazing facility. The Airtel payment Bank has its first launching in Rajasthan as a pilot project. The Bank has stated in a meet that to every customer who will open a saving account on deposition will get Rs 1 talk time on per rupee deposit. This scheme is just available for the first deposit of the customer.

Airtel payment bank live

Benefits & Its Limitations:

  • The talk time provided by the bank is amazing stuff, but it has a limitation of succeeding in one month of time, which states that you have to finish your provided talk time in 1month or it will be wasted
  • Limitation for the Airtel Payment Bank account is1lakh rupees, which state that you will get 1lakh talk time on deposits of 1lakh rupees in your account and it has to be finished within a month and finishing this much talk time in one month is impossible
  • Airtel has a huge announcement once before also providing the facility of providing 7.25% interest on each saving account which was never done by any of the bank before.
  • No ATM card or debit card will be provided to the bank account holders as they will be provided a facility on Airtel retail outlet for cash withdrawal.
  • The Airtel Payment Bank will provide an accidental insurance of an amount of 1lakh on each saving account.
  • Airtel has launched the first payment bank of the country in Rajasthan, at this time where other bank’s are providing a penny interest the Airtel payment bank is providing 7.25% interest.
  • Airtel Payment Bank is a supporting company of Airtel India.free data 4G

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Airtel 4G offers 2017: Data Offer

Airtel is trying to attract customers by his offers and genuinely offers are really exclusive. Airtel is trying to attract people by its cheap plans and tricks, according to which recharge with Rs 29 and get 16GB 4G data and also with Rs 10 get 1GB 4G data, but these are the offers for selective customers only means the game is all about your luck. Might be your are the one with the offer already. For more details contact your nearby stores.

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